Pilates, an exercise system based on the principles of Joseph Pilates, will help you dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs. It is a safe, challenging and revitalizing workout for people of all ages and performance levels. The exercises taught in a Pilates workout  focuses on stabilizing specific parts of the body while executing precise movements with an emphasis on body alignment, form, and control.  Pilates is designed for everyone from the most devoted athlete in peak condition to the retiree seeking to maintain muscle mass, spinal strength and mobility, and  joint protection. 

Welcome to the Dragonfly Pilates Studio located in historic downtown Denton
  • Builds long, lean and flexible muscles
  • Improves circulation and increases lung capacity
  • Develops core strength , stability, and range of motion
  • Improves balance, coordination and agility
  • Teaches body awareness, good posture and graceful movement
  • Increases energy level while reducing stress and anxiety
  • Alleviates back pain and aids in injury prevention
                121 W. Pecan St  •  Denton, TX 76201  •  (940) 391-2230                
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