Class schedule is subject to change. Please call for the most current schedule of classes offered.

Introductory Packages  
 These rates are offered one time for new clients.
• Introductory offer-4 private sessions $200  
• 2 Private Sessions on the Apparatus + 2 Mat Classes $140

Pilates Mat Classes
 Mat classes have a maximum of 4 people per class.
• 1 Class - $25
•  Package of 4 or more classes - $20


Private Sessions (60 minutes)

• 1 Session $65 
• 4 Sessions $240 ($60/per) 


                121 W. Pecan St  •  Denton, TX 76201  •  (940) 391-2230                



Private Sessions 
 Individualized session with an instructor utilizing the Pilates Reformer, Tower, Springboard, Chair and other small props.  We work with each client to develop a program of private training that addresses their unique needs and goals. 

Pilates Mat Classes  Pilates mat classes offer a workout comprised of a combination of the original exercises developed by Joseph Pilates. All exercises are designed to facilitate improvements in the strength and flexibility of the spine. These exercises are practiced in a variety of positions including working on the back, stomach, side, sitting, and standing. The movement sequences promote concentration, improved breathing, core strength, alignment, stability in the pelvis and shoulders, balance, and endurance. Springboards, equipment mounted on the wall with resistance springs attached, are used in most classes. Props such as foam bolsters, rings, bands, weights, exercise balls, and Bosus are also used to enhance workouts. Modifications are provided for clients with specific challenges.


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