In the 1920’s, a German physical-culturist Joseph Pilates developed a system of exercises intended to strengthen the human mind and body. He believed that mental and physical health were strongly inter-related. From the beginning, the Pilates program (originally called Contrology) has been employed worldwide by dancers, actors, and athletes for total body conditioning and to maintain proper skeletal alignment. 

 The technique consists of a series of precisely controlled movements that fully engage the body and mind.  These movements are performed on a mat or on the specially designed Reformer. The Reformer is a machine consisting of a horizontal platform with a movable carriage controlled by adjustable springs allowing for variable resistance during the exercises. In order to enhance total body conditioning, exercises done on the Reformer are performed in various positions including sitting, standing and reclining.  The attached straps are either held in the hands or placed over the feet, thereby expanding the opportunity to work several parts of the body simultaneously.  This improves coordination and assists in the proper alignment of the body during movement. 

The foundation for all exercises in Pilates is the activation of the core or the powerhouse. Activation of the core is taught and applied during all movement sequences in the exercises. A Pilates workout includes exercises for all parts of the body. These exercises are designed to improve core strength , spinal strength and mobility, low back / pelvic stability , scapular ( shoulder ) stability and mobility,  body alignment , proper form, and precise , fluid movement . This exercise regiment may also result in improved alignment  of the spine . Concentration  and breath control are required  to execute the movements properly.   

Pilates is ideal for those interested in fine-tuning athletic skills or in becoming reacquainted with their bodies. It promotes strength, flexibility, coordination, concentration, and fluidity of movement.  Consistent Pilates practice results in the development of  balanced muscles which can reduce the occurrence of injuries.  The adaptability of this technique to meet an individual's needs makes it a particularly beneficial program for all.
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Susan Moushegian
Susan Moushegian is a Special Education Consultant, Pilates Instructor and owner of Dragonfly Pilates Studio. She has her Masters Degree in Education from Texas Tech University with a major in Special Education and a minor in Visual Impairment . She has also completed graduate course work in Physical Therapy at  TWU.  She has had a private practice in the DFW area for the past 34 years serving a diverse population of children and adults with neurological and sensory motor deficits.  She is trained in Neurodevelopmental  Treatment or the Bobath approach for neurological rehabilitation. This philosophy of treatment promotes improved functional movement and motor learning. She has had extensive experience in the application of NDT  principles in her work with clients. She has collaborated with physical therapists, occupational  therapists,  and speech therapists to provide optimum programming for special needs individuals. She is excited about applying her knowledge of  functional movement in rehabilitation to her Pilates instruction at Dragonfly Studio. She welcomes the opportunity to offer individualized instruction to everyone interested in this comprehensive system of exercise.

Chris McClure 
Chris McClure is a licensed physical therapy assistant who has worked in rehabilitation in the DFW area for 30 years. She has worked in this capacity in the home health setting with extensive experience in a variety of issues including stroke , brain injury , scoliosis , degenerative disc disorders, osteoporosis, and orthopedic issues. Chris has completed training in Stott Pilates for mat, reformer, chair, and barrel. She is NDT trained and has applied these principals in her home health work and Pilates instruction. Chris passionately believes that people of all ages can make beneficial changes in their functional movements and overall health. Her entire professional career has been focused on helping people reach their full potential.     
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